"When you look after your home, you are taking care of yourself” 


Creating natural interiors for your well·being

At Studio Nalca we craft spaces that nurture the human spirit, promote better health and wellbeing, and contribute positively to our planet.

Spaces that feel good, are good for our well-being and good for our planet.

”Deviation of nature is deviation of happiness”

Samuel Johnson


•  You don't feel completely happy or comfortable in your home or workspace and you don't know why.

•  You have trouble sleeping, getting a restorative pause, focusing on your work.

•  You find it difficult to choose the right color to put on the walls after you have tried so many.

•  You may be thinking of renovating but don't know where to start based on your budget.

•  You want a fresh start with your interior that fits your personality and your family's.

•  You want a more natural and sustainable way of building your dream house.

•  Or you just need a hand in (re)organizing things at home to lift up your energy and spirit again.

Because when you take care of your home, you take care of yourself!

If any of this resonates with you, then Well-being Design is a great tool to help you FEEL really at home (again).

And I would love to help you!

Together we can discuss the issues you face at home, your wishes and translate them
into a beautiful design that looks good and feels just right FOR YOU and YOUR FAMILY.


Discover all the options



I am Dominique, Well·being & Biophilic Interior Designer and I would love to help you create your dream place.

A happy and healthy place at home where you can relax and enjoy with your family and friends or at your office where you can focus better and be more productive.

With the help of biophilic design, Feng Shui and a holistic approach I create happy, healthy interiors that fits everyones personalities and cover all your needs and wishes.

Biophilic Design is so much more that bringing plants, green walls or water features. Is more about deep connection between people, place, climate and culture. It is definitely not a trend is a lifestyle and a basic need that everyone should embrace. We all are nature, after all.

Want to know more?

Contact me!
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There is no better designer than Nature”

Alexander Mc Queen

With my German /Chilean roots a nomad's spirit has always guided me. For the past 15 years, I've been fortunate to craft design experiences across Chile, Belgium, and the Netherlands. My deep love for nature and passion for travel fuel my endless fascination with diverse cultures and how they influence our living spaces.

As a wellbeing designer, my mission is clear: to create happy, sensory-rich spaces that nurture all aspects of well-being.

Biophilic Design is at the heart of my approach. I firmly believe we all deserve to reconnect with our roots and live in environments that inspire us and let us thrive

With holistic techniques I craft personalized havens for my clients that fit their special needs and personalities  

And as a biophilic design trainer, I empower others to create their own harmonious spaces, sharing my knowledge to build their own little slice of paradise.

"Nalca" is an unusual perennial plant native to southern Chile, often referred to as "Chilean rhubarb". It has long prickly stems and large green leaves which can grow up to 2 mts. in size! You can literally stand under it and get shelter from the sun and the rain when it's needed.

Studio Nalca is the result of my passion for Interior design, the connection to nature and my chilean roots.

My mission with Studio Nalca is to connect nature with people in their living spaces. Introducing a more natural way of living, thinking and taking care of our environment and therefor taking care of our selfs; so that we can live a better, happier and healthier life.

We need and deserve to reconnect again with our roots and live and work in a happy place that nurtures our senses in every way possible!

Curious about what Studio Nalca can do for your home or your business?


Contact me!

I speak English, Dutch, Spanish and German, so I can certainly help you in the language you feel most confortable with.


But what is actually biophilic design?

Biophilia: The Love of Life

What is it?
Biophilia is our innate connection with nature. It is an emotional bond that drives us to seek and appreciate life in all its forms. 

Etymologically, the term comes from the Greek words "philia" (love) and "bios" (life), and literally means "love of life."

Biophilic design is then a bridge between design, nature and well·being. By translating the essence of nature into design solutions, it helps to create spaces that actively promote health and well·being.

It is all about creating spaces that that work for us and connect us with nature. It's bringing the best of nature indoors, incorporating specific elements and patterns that trigger our neuro system and help us reap the benefits for our health, happiness, and well-being.

Why is it important?

Our connection to nature can unlock so many benefits like:

- Boosting your mood and well-being
- Reducing stress
- Sharpening your focus
- Increasing productivity & creativity
- Improving mental health
- Strengthening your connection with nature

Just take a walk in the forest, mountain or at the beach and you'll feel how the stress washes off, you can think more clearly, focus and be more productive...

Imagine now living and working normally while embracing all the senses the natural world brings you and also its benefits. Like working in a space that inspires calmness, more focus, boosts creativity, and feels like a breath of fresh air. That's the magic of Biophilic Design!

At Studio Nalca, we believe that the spaces we inhabit have the power to shape our lives and our world.

By crafting environments that prioritize health, wellbeing, sustainability and place making, we're not just building spaces– we're building a brighter and healthier future for us all.

So let's embark on a journey together to make your happy place come true and design a world together that feels more connected to nature, one space at a time!

  • Credit - Decoist.com
  • Credit - Designer Hunter (via Instagram)
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  • Credit- Skylab architecture & Made Studio
  • Credit - Aquabella bathtubs
  • Credit - Bosco Verticale by Stefano Boeri Architetti
  • Credit - The Young Villas via Airbnb.com
  • Credit - The Young Villas via Airbnb.com

For more insights about Biophilic Design click here:

What is Biophilic Design?

"We will never be truly healthy, satisfied or fulfilled if we live separated and alienated from the environment from which we emerged”

Stephen Kellert

Projects Portfolio

Project Noorderhaven - Zutphen, NL 2023

Project Noorderhaven - Zutphen, NL 2023

Description A new neighbourhood in the city of Zutphen, NL projected in 2023. Different kinds of houses, flats en condos are being built next to the river "IJssel". The characteristic dutch nature around is the key for this project. All natural materials like marmoleum flooring, wood panelling, marble, warm natural colors, wool, leather and rotan form together a cozy and neat space for a family with 2 little children to chill, play, cook and feel at home. Their wish was a chill - holiday vibe at home with practical, easy to mantain and functional materials with an eye on nature and sustainability.

Project New construction - June 2023

Client Rebecca B. & Andrés J.

Project Doorn - Utrecht, NL 2024

Project Doorn - Utrecht, NL 2024

Description Under construction. This big 70's house will get a complete renovation so the new owners can enjoy the lovely nature around them inside and out!

Project Full renovation

Client Rim & Bas M.

Project Gundelfingen - DE

Project Gundelfingen - DE

Description Under Construction. This new apartment project in Gundelfingen, Germany is placed very close to Freiburg in a natural environment. With a beautiful view to the meadow facing south. The challenge here is to make it a cozy refuge for a family of 3 + their most cherished old cat.

Project New construction - 2024

Client Sven W., Nicole & Nele (and cat Käthe)

Color and material advice - Zutphen, NL

Color and material advice - Zutphen, NL

Description Thanks to specific biophilic design and organization tips, the purpose was to create a space for this family, with an autistic daughter, that brings calmness, where they can relax and unwind, and not have more stress due to clutter (physical, visual and mental). Now this family can enjoy their home for many years to come!

Project 1930's House

Client Marleen G.

How can your business make a better impact in the world?

The inclusion of biophilia in our interiors and working / studying spaces is so much more than decoration and beautiful design:
it’s all about its positive impact in the working / studying environment, resulting in more efficiency 
that will lately be reflected in the revenues of your business.
Whether you'd want to project an eco-friendly image to your clients or by creating restorative spaces where your employees can recharge and continue to focus better in their tasksbiophilic design can be very valuable for your business!


If we want to create a thriving and regenerative world, we need to find ways to integrate natural forms, processes, and systems into everything we do. 

Many factors affect human health and wellness, and biophilic design can provide benefits for the occupants when integrated successfully into the built environment. 

These benefits can include: increased productivity, employee happiness, improved health and test scores for students.

By connecting humans with nature, biophilic design has been associated with:

Managing and reducing stress
Increasing cognitive performance and productivity
Improving overall mood and well-being
Shortening hospital duration time and the need for pain management



Research have found that when applying Biophilic Design to the workspaces, absenteeism is reduced by 15% and there is also a 15% higher level of wellbeing when natural elements are introduced in the spaces.

• A study by the CBRE found that the addition of plants in the view range of each work-space led to a 76% improvement in energy levels, with a 10% improvement in task performance.

• Workers with the best possible views out of the office have a 10 to 25 % improvement on mental function and memory recall.

• There are new company metrics*, after designing the office to improve people's health and well-being:

21% more productivity

40% less absenteeism

65% less work rotation

13% increase sense of wellbeing

*published by Forbes magazine

Do you need help creating a healthier, more productive and efficient working place?

Contact me!

Using Biophilic Design to Heal Body, Mind, and Soul

Biophilic design turns cities into engines of environmental wellbeing

Some Clients Love..

"After living in the same place for a long time, I thought I've had all the possible options covered. I received a complete advice from Dominique and I am very happy with her surprising ideas. I saw all my wishes reflected in it. She gave options that I had never thought of before!." 

- Petra K. - The Netherlands

"I wanted to remodel our apartment in a harmonious and cozy way. I had many ideas but a low budget. With a very busy life this was very difficult to achieve alone. Dominique understood what we wanted and her ideas gave our home that cozy and airy feeling that we wanted so much. Her shopping tips on where to get what we needed saved us a lot of time and money. It was a very good experience and we are happy and beyond grateful with the results. 

Thank you Studio Nalca!" 

- Zorenis O. - Venezuela

"Dominique did a great job for us. My husband, two kids and I bought a new house in the Noorderhaven, Zutphen and Studio Nalca did the interior design. I was looking for a professional party that also included the natural and holistic in the planning; and we nailed it! We had a very nice process with a number of meetings where our plans were discussed very thoroughly and upon delivery we received an extensive PDF with shopping links, blueprints, moodboards and 3Ds. I can't wait for this design to actually be real in our new home!"

- Rebecca B. - The Netherlands

"For my new apartment, I decided to hire Studio Nalca as I found its Biophilic concept as an wholesome approach to design according to my (and my family´s) intrinsic needs quite interesting.
I was definitely not dissappointed with my decision. I had the pleasure of working with Dominque Gentillon from Studio Nalca and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Her expertise and insight were invaluable in designing my newly built apartment, starting with planning the electrical outlet and ending with the detailed design based on the Biophilic concept, a concept and method that I was straight convinced would give me the outcome I was looking for.
Not only did Dominique have a keen eye for aesthetics, but she also provided practical suggestions that I wouldn't have thought of. Her attention to detail ensured that every corner of my apartment was maximized for both functionality and style, saving me a lot of time and money that I would have incurred if I didn´t work with her.
As my apartment was being built, Dominique accompanied me throughout several months carefully reviewing the continuous progress and adjusting as needed. Her methodology of getting to know as much as possible all personalities that would live in the apartment leads to exceptional results where everyone is happy, always finding consent among all stakeholders.
Dominique is a very positive, fun and patient person, making the otherwise extensive and tedious decision-making progress so much more bearable.
Thanks to Studio Nalca and Dominique, I now have a space that not only meets but exceeds my expectations. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their home."

- Sven W. - Gundelfingen, Germany